We Serve With Years of Experience

As Esaysan company, we operate in a closed area of 5,000 m² in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone. 1500 X 3000 Max capacity 25 mm dkp,15mm aluminum, 20 mm stainless, 6 mm princh material cutting is made.




Total Workspace

5000 m² Indoor Area
  • Many years of experience
  • Advanced Machine Park
  • Expert Team
  • Quality production
  • Support after sale
Uninterrupted process from CAD environment to production.

You just ask.

During the manufacturing process, we receive the product in the CAD environment. We fulfill all manufacturing processes with our expertise and deliver the final product to you.

Thanks to our company support after production, never be half way.


We are at your service with Laser Cutting & Metal Forming.


Our production stages

1. Identification Process

If there is a CAD environment working file of the product to be produced or renewed. If not, the demand requested by the customer is clarified and the production process is started.

2. Production Process

The product is produced in the determined order and in the time determined by our team of experts with the experience of our company.

3. Post Production Process

The process related to the produced product continues after the production and any problem that may arise is intervened.